MJS Oil Painting Awards

Open to all students within the Michael James Smith Online Art School, the MJS Oil Painting Awards will challenge creativity, test painting skills and showcase talent.

With an exciting new painting challenge announced every two months, students can put what they’ve learned to the test for the chance to win a variety of exclusive prizes. 

To learn about the current painting challenge for the MJS Oil Painting Awards click here. Voting for the winners is open to both students and visitors to the Online Art School.

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Contest is finished!
Title: Landscape #1
Author: bobbi
Votes: 3

Views: 1639
Description: After spending decades being a "responsible" accountant, I am going back to my childhood love of art. This is my first landscape since high school. I am so thankful to have found Michaels's online school. It is humbling to try - my hand just doesn't do what my brain tells it to! Hoping each painting will get better.