MJS Oil Painting Awards

Open to all students within the Michael James Smith Online Art School, the MJS Oil Painting Awards will challenge creativity, test painting skills and showcase talent.

With an exciting new painting challenge announced every two months, students can put what they’ve learned to the test for the chance to win a variety of exclusive prizes. 

To learn about the current painting challenge for the MJS Oil Painting Awards click here. Voting for the winners is open to both students and visitors to the Online Art School.

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July’s Painting Challenge:  ‘See how much you’ve learned’

Using the reference image below, simply paint your own version. Try to keep brush strokes as small and as tight as possible, and the colours as accurate as you can to achieve the right level of realism. You might like to leave out certain elements like the people in the distance or add new elements like flowers in the foreground.

MJS Oil Painting Awards - Reference Photo

July's MJS Oil Painting Award Winners

Michael's Winner: "Beside Still Waters" by tamartin4339 

Thomas' "Beside Still Waters" is a very detailed and accurate painting. And in my opinion, It's quite unusual for the main three elements; trees, grass and water to be equally as good, as there's usually one element that isn't quite as strong. I love the details in the trees, especially those in the shadows that are often forgotten about but add great realism. The foreground grass is lovely and bright which gives a sense of depth when contrasted with the more subdued and unsaturated middle ground and distance. Lastly, the water in this scene is uncomplicated but it's still important to have the right colours and details. It just works really, really well. Well done Thomas!

Other notable paintings I'd like to mention are; "Surrounded by Trees" by jack0214, "River Road" by larry886 and "Summer" by kenwellings.

There were some interesting additions to some of the entrants' paintings too. I particularly liked the swans and air balloon inclusions.

Open Vote Award Winners

First Place: "A Sunny Day on The Riverside" by matteodsm

Second Place: "River Walk" by peterwbunyan

Third Place: "Divine Serenity" by ashu2om