MJS Oil Painting Awards

Open to all students within the Michael James Smith Online Art School, the MJS Oil Painting Awards challenged creativity, tested painting skills and allowed our brilliant artists to showcase their talent.

Our exciting painting challenges have allowed students to put what they’ve learned to the test for the chance to win a variety of exclusive prizes. 

To learn about the last painting challenge for the MJS Oil Painting Awards click here. Voting for the winners was open to both students and visitors to the Online Art School.

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Title: The Japanese Garden
Author: melanie.alfred
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Description: This is a beautiful Japanese garden my husband and I strolled through on a beautiful September day at the Carnival of Flowers in a regional city of Queensland Australia called Toowoomba. As we walked we enjoyed the beautiful flowering bushes as we listened to the beat of the Taiko drums being played on the front lawn. It was the usual visually brilliant day you see in that altitude in Australia making the colours vibrant.